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World Cup watch face background image complication

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This app provides background images for Wear OS (Android Wear 2.x) watch faces. The watch face has to be able to use LARGE IMAGE watch face complications. Many watch faces support background image complications, including:

Bubble Cloud LAUNCHER watch face
► Line watch face
► Skymaster watch face
► Pujie Black watch face
► Ultimate Watch 2 watch face

...and many others.
Look for "Add complication" or "Set background image" menu commands.
You can adjust the image brightness and contrast after assigning the background (even if the watch face does not offer its own control):

top control: contrast (reduce to improve visibility of the dials)
bottom control: brightness (increase for dark dials, decrease for light dials)
reset button: restore default brightness and contrast
check mark button: to apply the changes (some watch faces don't update the background image, you will need to temporarily switch to a different face and then switch back to see the changes)
This watch face background image complication provider package contains:

► Argentinian flag (Argentina)
► Australian flag (Australia)
► Belgian flag (Belgium)
► Brazilian flag (Brasil)
► Colombian flag (Colombia)
► Costa Rican flag (Costa Rica)
► Croatian flag (Croatia)
► Danish flag (Denmark)
► Egyptian flag (Egypt)
► English flag (England)
► French flag (France)
► German flag (Germany)
► Icelandic flag (Iceland)
► Iranian flag (Iran)
►Japanese flag (Japan)
► Mexican flag (Mexico)
► Moroccan flag (Morocco)
► Nigerian flag (Nigeria)
► Panamanian flag (Panama)
► Peruvian flag (Peru)
► Polish flag (Poland)
► Portuguese flag (Portugal)
► Russian flag (Russia)
► Saudi Arabian flag (Saudi Arabia)
► Senegalian Flag (Senegal)
► Serb flag (Serbia)
► Korean flag (South Korea)
► Spanish flag (Spain)
► Swedish flag (Sweden)
► Swiss flag (Switzerland)
► Tunisian flag (Tunisia)
► Uruguayan flag (Uruguay)

(The 32 nations participating in World Cup 2018)

More flags may be added after the World Cup. Please feel free to request!
1) I did my best to draw the flags as precisely as possible, please email me if you find any problems:

2) I am in no way associated with the organizers of World Cup 2018, I am simply a vexicology and football (soccer) fan.

3) With the exception of the Bubble Cloud watch face I am not associated with the listed watch faces and cannot guarantee their functionality. I am the developer of the Bubble Cloud watch face:

4) The sample screenshots show various watch faces and watch face themes using the World Cup Flags complication. Depicted watch faces and themes are not included in this app.

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