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Virtual Tea


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"Virtual Tea" is an entertainment application, which will change your phone into simulator of a mug with hot tea. A screen of your phone will become a virtual glass, which you will be able to pour your favorite drink to. Hot liquid will react to basic laws of the physics. Move your phone from side to side and you will see how fluid moves with the movement of your phone. Tilt your phone up and you will see how drink made of tea leaves is disappearing. Hot brew can also generate steam effect. It is made with the help of particle system, so it looks very realistic. Hot steam is evaporating beyond the aromatic beverage. Natural behavior of brew and high quality of graphic effects make many people believe that your phone changed into a real cup of tea.

How to use simulator:
1. Stand sideways in the front of people that you want to prank.
2. Take phone in your hand. Direct the screen to the audience.
3. Keep your phone as if you were holding a mug with tea in your hand.
4. Start simulator. Virtual drink will be poured into screen of your phone.
5. Move your simulator from side to side to show how the liquid behaves.
6. Put corner of the phone against your mouth and tilt up.
7. Your spectators will think that you are drinking a real hot tea from the mug. Joke is ready!

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