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Connects Wear (Pro)

Yannik RauterProductivity

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This is the Pro version of Connects Wear.

Connects Wear (Pro) is a PowerPoint presentation remote. This basically means you can remotely control the slides of your PowerPoint presentations. But most importantly: It works with your Wear OS compatible smartwatch.

Features include:
- Change slides of your PowerPoint presentation
- Start and End your PowerPoint presentation
- Turn off the screen timeout of the watch
- Test the connectivity between your watch, phone and computer
- Enable a dark mode which aims to reduce battery usage by dimming the display and applying a darker color scheme

This Pro version also has the following additional features (these are not included in the Free version of Connects Wear):

- On your phone, change the slides of your PowerPoint presentation by using the volume buttons
- On your watch: Display the duration of your presentation
- On your watch: Enable vibration feedback on taps
- On your watch: Use swipes to change slides
- On your watch: Configure the amount of minutes after which the watch vibrates to inform you about the duration of your presentation

(Please note: If you want to use Connects Wear (Pro) on your watch, you always need to have the Connects Wear (Pro) app opened on your phone as well).

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