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ColorMemory was designed from the groundup for Wear OS 2.0 watches and should work well on round watches, square watches and watches with chins.The game is completely free, open source and has no ads.

ColorMemory remembers highscore and highcount. ColorMemory contains many different mix and match options for customizing your difficulty. Choosing to enable options that increase the difficulty will increase the score multiplier when playing.

Difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard - controls flashing speed, number of lives, time limit
Lives: gives varying number of retries when you fail (Decreases Multiplier)
Time Limit: Sequence must be entered within the specified time limit (Increases Multiplier)
Randomize: Sequence randomizes each round (Increases Multiplier)
Random Colors: Colors change to random position each round (Increases Multiplier)
Reverse: Sequence must be entered in the reverse order it appeared (Increases Multiplier)
Any Order: Sequence may be entered in any order (Decreases Multiplier)
Inverse: 3 colors will flash and the one that didn't is the one you must enter (Increases Multiplier)
Double Speed: Sequence count will increase by 2 every round (Increases Multiplier)

The code can be found at:
I welcome any and all constructive criticism of the game and encourage forking and submitting pull requests.
Feel free to upload to the Play Store but please use a different name.

All artwork by Matt Calcote

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